About Us

Isofibras has been dedicated since its founding in 1988 to the design, construction, installation and maintenance of fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) products, the application of thermoplastics, coatings, insulation and other products under design.

Accompanying new techniques combined with the constant training of its employees, ensures the quality of our products and compliance with European standards.

Isofibras currently has a qualified and renewed technical staff with extensive experience in the field and is recognized by the market in which it operates.

We have technical support from universities for the study of FRP structures such as large Etar's roofs, large deposits and other "In Situ" fabricated projects.

We have a wide range of clients of great technical demand, among which we highlight the chemical industry, pulp, environment, ceramics, food, civil, etc ...

Our technicians have been members of the Reinforced Plastics European Technical Standardization Commission (CT58) for over 20 years, constantly monitoring the evolution of these materials.

Ser uma empresa de referência no sector, permanentemente actualizada e procurando sempre a colaboração de instituições, universidades e institutos, para melhorar os seus processos de fabrico e assim satisfazer as exigências do mercado onde está inserido.
Being inserted in a market and serving you with total technical truth in the sector of composite materials, satisfying the customer and respecting employees and suppliers.
Tecnologic innovation
Development of knowledge that allowed us to present technologically appropriate solutions to customer needs.
Based on the methodology and use of appropriate resources, factors that affect the speed of response and meeting the deadlines with the client.
Value earned and consolidated with customers, for the responsible way to make the commitments and respect that they deserve us.
With customer satisfaction, exceeding their expectations, is the commitment of all employees of the company.