Who is Isofibras?

Isofibras has been dedicated since its founding in 1988 to the design, construction, installation and maintenance of fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) products, the application of thermoplastics, coatings, insulation and other products under design.

Accompanying new techniques combined with the constant training of its employees, ensures the quality of our products and compliance with European standards.

Isofibras currently...

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Our Products

GRP Pipe
Isofibras manufactures GRP tubing for various purposes and various diameters. Isofibras also performs work on thermoplastic tubing, such as PVC or PP. This type of tubing can also be reinforced to GRP, either to give it mechanical strength or just for weather resistance.
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Transport Tanks
Transport tanks manufactured by Isofibras can be applied directly to the vehicle chassis or on the pallet. They are for various purposes, from the water industry, food industry, chemical industry, etc ....
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Etars and Other Covers
Isofibras manufactures covers for Etar´s or other type of tank. We perform the coverage according to the existing project, or with alternative solutions proposed by our technical services.
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GRP deposits
Isofibras FRP deposits are manufactured by the continuous filament winding process. The ceilings and their accessories are manufactured by the "Hand-lay-up" process. They have a chemical barrier according to the product to be contained and a mechanical barrier according to work requirements according to EN 13121. Topcoat is made of the same resin as the tank's manufacture, pigmented to the desired color and protected against U.V.
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Decanters, Thickeners and Silos
The decanters and thickeners manufactured by Isofibras have metal structure or support skirt (in FRP), peripheral gutter and deflector tube. The angle is the desired by the customer, the most common being angles of 60º and 45º. Isofibras also manufactures Silos, with its metal frame, high enough to pass a truck underneath. Within the range of Silos, the most common is the manufacture of Cereal Silos, Sludge, Lime (powder) or Dehydrated Lime, etc ....
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Special tanks with retention basin
Isofibras manufactures deposits with retention basin, which according to the law has between 80% and 100% of the capacity of the main deposit. This type of deposit is widely used in cogeneration plants and hazardous and polluting materials.
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